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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Caricature _ Julain Assage _ Steps

The CARICATURE is based funny thinks... It speak with art the human special understandings... It show the specific of the her or him on their face or activities. 

Every one always like the CARICATURE.

Get the Paper A4 sized or any one of Sketch book.

Read the Photo or Image. In human Every face has special or specific Attraction... like big eyes, long forehead, jerky hair, hairless head, half viewed eyes, big or shaped nose, flesh cheek or flaw, extreme jaw and big lips Etc

Start Your Caricature. Here Julian has special attraction on his nose. It has big part on start position.

 Get the Face. Get the outline by nice sketch, go free move with your pencil...

 Get Hair with style. It is new guy stylish hair... go and play with your pencil. Listen... Start your pencil from head, where the hair starts way...

 Give Details To Hair.  Make Thin and Thick Hair Flow

Get the Details on Julian Face. Small details add with your pencil with gently

Go to The Lip and Unsaved Style Make details

Do the Neck and Shoulder. Draw the shirt and details on the neck part. You can scale the neck size as you like, here I make small.

Getting final Touch and details... Voila, You got Julian Assange as Caricature. In Every Caricature of mine finish with eyes. do clear shadow and light on the face, real look like on Photo or Image. Give more time to read the drawing... Your every detail makes great Caricature.

 Caricature _ Julian Assange

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