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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Best Configuration _Speed Up Your System

Now these days no any one is without computer. The Young generation gets connected on net by PDA touch with sweet hearts. In professionally laptop is great take part by youths. But no one can get basic knowledge with computer hardware and some of software including operating software.

More retailers of branded laptop and desktop, gives it to customers with already installed OS and wanted software. They made partition the HDD as whole one. Some of HDD capacity is maximum 320 GB. This System has Drive C: only. A backup software file has only 10GB. This choice is one of the best. But in this case, we have no remedy on any kind of problem with OS. Some of worm, malware and virus make trouble with your computer’s operating software. Our valuable data is completely lost if we have not backup of the data on another device, like as Blue ray, DVD, CD or Pen drive.

Some of User makes partition of their HDD with tiny capacity like as 10 GB or 20 GB for C:\ for Operating software and Program files. You come to know 10 GB and 20 GB is making slow your system. What you can do without the necessary disk space? The revolutionary software is required minimum of 300 MB to 4GB’s. So how you can get with your 20 GB HDD?

Get new partition with more than 80 GB for C: is must. Partition D: and E: as your choice. Maximum of space in C: is making smooth running your PC. Here my recommend for 320 GB System…

Drive C: is 120 GB

Drive D: is 100 GB

Drive E: is 100 GB

Recommended Configuration for new one…

*. Intel or AMD Core 2 Duo 2.00 GHz and more are best. Nowadays Quad core is available.

*. Nvidia Graphic Card or ATI Graphic Card minimum of 512MB or more

*. HDD capacity with 160 GB (4200 rpm) and more some of TB is avail.

*. Minimum of 1GB RAM (DDR3 1066MHz or DDR2 800MHz) but must 2 slots of RAM are best. (1+1)

*. Blue ray or DVD ROM

*. LCD monitor with anti glare screen.

*. Feather Touch, but Strong Key Board and Optical mouse as your choice. (Wire free is ok)

*. Windows Vista Home premium or Ultimate is Or MAC x Leopard

*. Best Anti Virus with update

*. Avoid Pen or Zip drive one computer to another.

Ok, that’s all.

Any Questions?

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