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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Pen-pal and FACEBOOK
This one my Pen-pal from UK. Named...

Who is She?
Yea, Her Name is Helan Towner, in 1997 onwards have shared Air-mails from our-side. On that Days, She was a Good Writer, can Write for Poetry and Lyrics. By the way, I have to enrich my English via these Air-mails :)

The Air-mails flown from UK to India :D

But She stopped all contacts on coming months. I am unknown... After long wait, and I have to go on my way... But I do not Forget. See that Drawing of Her (below). Done by CorelDraw, based on her Photo.

Never I have no Idea to recontact her before introduced FACEBOOK.

Facebook Rocks :)
On by search on Facebook, I got her... Just offline message to her.

"Hi, I am Sugumaran, How are You?"

No answer.

I did next message...
"Once we have to share Letters as Pen-pal... me from India. You have a nose ring Correct? Past I pointed out...".

Wow, she Replied "Oh. Bizarre... Still you have recalling me? Oh God...".  

Here Facebook Rocks :)

Just We meet by Facebook after Decade :))

By her Present Photo She was change with color and Hair style... Little struggle for recognize. I thing so, She do too for me. yes. me to have place on my fore head :)

After one or two days, she not come or offline, busy to me on Facebook. After she deleted her Facebook account, Still I can not find her. But Facebook has more Helen's but not She :(

Unfortunately, I do not know what I did? I never use her as a mislead. I am a good habit person till now. But I come to understand myself "She missing on my presence after Decade"

She is no more in Facebook. But I find her another way and another website :)

But, I have to Idea to interrupt her. She can be as SHE...

I have some happy memories on her... that's must...

with love
Caricaturist Sugumarje (now)

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