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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome Caricatrist

Get Great attention on Your Caricature at

Hi All Caricaturist... Welcome... You can directly Post your Caricature on the Gallery of It is Free to all Young Caricaturist and Well known too :)

Step 1
Go to your Gmail > create New, Compose mial mode...

Step 2
Type on To box ""

Step 3
Type Title on the subject Box " Give a Title for Your Caricature"

Step 4
in Massage box Insert you Caricature Maximum size to 1200px to 800px

Step 5
Type about your Caricature _ Like Who is? with in 50 words

Step 6
Type your Selected Tag... like "name, professional, birth place, nation, skills and more

Step 7
Say about you and your skills

Step 8
Check the all step 7

Step 9
Send Your Mail

Step 10
Be Relax... Your Caricature on View with in minutes on Gallary :)

Check with this Picture:

Caricatusit Sugumarje
Creative Head for

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