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Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrate Women’s Day with Caricature

Chennai, Tiruchirappalli, Coimbatore, Madurai and Pondicherry only

Celebrate Women’s Day with Caricature

Happy wishes to Women’s day Greetings for all. I, Sugumarje welcome you to celebrate the Women’s day with Caricature. Make an Unforgettable movement on your Celebration to all you members, friends and your children.

On that occasion of Women’s Day, We give an offer to all on the Event of “Live Caricature”. We charged Just 100 INR per one for Black and White Caricature.

Make a funny and spread the pleasure on your heart by a great Caricature, meanwhile we brings from your Own Caricature at the spot.

Ready to spend 10 minutes, in front of the Caricature cell, and just wait for your Caricature, that’s enough. All is well

Rates: 100 INR per one Black and White Caricature
Size and Tool: A4 White and Marker Pencil (German Made)
Minimum: I hours (2500 INR by per Hour you can get 25 Caricatures)
Maximum: 5 Hours of Event (12500 INR by per Hour you can get 25 Caricatures)
Payment Method: Paid by Cash only. 100% of Submit on the Event spot.

Special own Caricature_ Face (Digital only)
Black and White: 600 INR
Color: 1200 INR

Special own Caricature_ Full Size (Digital only)
Black and White: 1200 INR
Color: 2500 INR
Guarantee: 50% Money back on every non-linear Caricature only and Needs your good, high quality of Photographs two only. Get it back within 3 Days.
Size and Format: 12x8 PNG and Jpeg with Digital Color
Payment Method: Paid by Cash only. 100% of Submit for Start your Caricature

Feel Free to Contact:
Mr. Sugumarje, freelancer, Graphic Designer and Caricaturist. +91 9442783450

Office Address: A22. S.V.V Complex, Sastri Road, Land mark- Sippy Theater, Tennur, Tiruchirapplli – 620017. 

Office Phone: 0431 2741714 / 0431 4021713

Rush your Order… If you need 5 Hours and More Just Inform to Caricaturist.
T&C. 1) All Digital Caricature Original Source subject to Caricaturist.2 Caricaturist has the permission to display the sign on the any kind of Caricature.3) Minimum 5 Corrections only available on non-linear Caricature. 4) If anyone needs another medium and Size subject to rate doubled. 5) Please avoid direct comments and Command to the Caricaturist. 6) On the longtime of Live Caricature have min.5 minutes of Coffee Break.7) Payments are Paid by cash only.

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