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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Live Caricature and Caricature Rates

Great way to provide a gift with an inside joke! by Caricature Gifts

Work Details

You can get your Caricature 3x3 Feet Size... You get enjoy, stick on your Event or at Home
Full and Real sized (DPI 300) Resolution Caricature and Design Documents

Needed Source

Nice viewed Photograph of 3 more Face ( Turn Left, Front and 3/4 View) in High Resolution
Full body and any special appearance ( like Sporty, IT techie etc)
your favorable Places and objects ( like car, bike, plane, train etc)

How many Days?

You can get your Face Sketch on 1st of day, let me know your advance on my ICICI Ac.
After your Satisfaction of your Caricature, I Start your full work with your reply and Final set of the Amount. 
With-in 7 days, you can get your Caricature and Design Card.

Hire Caricature Artist all One-Day for Celebration, Inauguration, Marriage and special Events.
More info mail

Thanks and Regards...
Dear Friends, Event Partners, wishers... Here I have to inform about my Caricature and Live Caricature Rates.
Caricature Rates:
Face only (Black and White) -$ 13.5
Face only (Color) - $ 30
Full Body (Black and White) -$ 35
Full Body (Color) - $ 55
by Live Caricature:
$ 110 Per Hour. Minimum 2 Hours

50% Discounts available for Charity, Trusty, Association, Clubs, Schools and Colleges, Special Activity persons

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